I am a physicist that moved to Germany trying to formally broaden my academic horizons and get a footing into the domains of biology. Although professionally I bounced back to physics the encounter with the study of life left me deeply touched (wounded, I would say, but is is hard to put that adjective in a positive light). My experiences with biology and biologists left me an indelible side effect, an urge to explore other “sciences of complexity” as you might classify disciplines like psychology, neurosciences and certain parts of mathematics. And if that was not enough, simultaneously a renewed desire to peer deeper into areas of physics that I had only scratched before (particularly areas like cosmology and particle physics) surged vigorously.

This blog is mainly meant to drop miscellaneous nuggets about my wanderings through the natural sciences. Sometimes I will try as hard as I might to expose the overlaps and breaking points (mainly ruptures) between science and religion and all kinds of superstitious beliefs, other times I might try to unearth the scientific roots of certain aspects human behavior and at yet other occasions I will attempt to confer my personal (and quite fallible) take on current unsolved problems at the frontiers of science. At all times I will be open to discussion, exchange and reconsideration of whichever thesis I raise here.

I will be wholeheartedly pleased if this enterprise results at least a tad enjoyable for some of you… I am 100 % sure that it will be quite a joyride for myself!



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